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 Get certified in hypnosis and start your business. Earn money while helping  people improve their lives. Already practicing? The advanced training courses will help you take your practice to the next level!

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Learn hypnosis and become an expert in transforming yourself,  then help others to do the same. Work full-time or part-time, online, or in an office.  Discover the opportunities that await you at FARE Hypnosis Training. Talk with Roberta today to understand why this is the right course for you. The next class of 2023 is September 9, 16, 24, 30, Oct 8. Act now and get ready to launch your career!

Have the Skills You Need to Grow as a Professional Hypnotist

FARE 1.0

This is your starting point to becoming a certified hypnotist. I offer dual certification through both the ICBCH (International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists) and the NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists).

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FARE Advanced Training Courses

These courses are designed to help hypnotists gain expertise in specialized areas with a variety of techniques. These advanced training courses provide tools and techniques that enable you to work with a wide variety of clients. As an expert in personal development, change, and integrative emotional intelligence, Roberta includes many of the techniques and principles she has used over decades of experience.

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AHARA and Existential Awareness

AHARA and Existential Awareness are premium courses that are for hypnotists trained in regression work and who have at least five years of full-time experience. Because these tools are designed for specific, high-end clients, students of these courses should be proficient and successful in their hypnosis careers. Students are required to complete the programs themselves before enrolling. Contact Roberta for more information and get more details by clicking this Premium Courses link.

"I like that you presented information from various sources. You explained what you prefer to use and why, and you laid the information out in a systematic way. This class provides great training to do responsible work with my clients."

Becky Byrne

These courses reveal my successful formula

Having built a thriving brick-and-mortar hypnosis center in Minnesota, and a thriving online practice, Roberta teaches  "how-to's" that are based on real world success across multiple disciplines. There is a reason she has received numerous awards for her business and hypnosis skills. When you study with Roberta, you are learning with one of the industries top leaders. 

Limited class size allows for individual supervision

Practice sessions and Zoom training for instant feedback

Video tutorials help you create a learning library

Heart centered on mind-body healing and health

These Students Can't Be Wrong

Students from around the country have studied with Roberta Fernandez and FARE Hypnosis Training. See what they say about our classes:

Roberta is amazing!

"I was so very impressed with the amount of dedication & professionalism that Roberta puts into this program. Instruction, lots of dialog & practice makes this training program so successful."

Certified Hypnotist

"I love the real life examples you provide. Roberta is an incredible skilled hypnotist that carries her passion into her instruction. The hypnosis field is better because of her!"

Certified Hypnotist

"Roberta is a fountain of knowledge and experience that she transmits to students in a way that is accessible, easy to understand, and inspiring. Not everyone who is knowledgeable is a good teacher, but Roberta certainly is!"


Board Certified Hypnotist

"Roberta's passion & compassion are second to none. She is highly skilled to handle clients in the way that best suits their needs. She's absolutely fantastic!"

Certified Hypnotist

"If you're new to hypnosis like I was, Roberta's Fare 1.0 course is a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to the practice of hypnotism. From the history to therapeutic application and skillful techniques, you receive a well rounded education, practice opportunities, and resources to enhance your service model today! I am already looking forward to taking her Emotion Resolution training next!"

Certified Hypnotherapist


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