FARE 1.0 Hypnosis Training Course


Your first step in becoming a Certified Hypnotist

The FARE 1.0 basic hypnosis course is suited to meet the needs of various learning styles, thereby increasing retention and easing the time restraints of this 100+ hour course.

Course features that support your learning:

* A student portal that houses all of the video, audio, and live-session recordings so you can reference and review them as often as you want for up to three years
There is no need to wait until the next time the course is offered to take a refresher!
* Your manual, handouts, and files that you will need for the course and your business
* Unlimited access to this portal and your private cohort communication page for three years
* Upon successful certification, you will enter the general FARE Student Support Group where you will find continuing collaboration and support from some past and
all future students

Upon enrollment:

* You will introduce yourself via video to the other students and begin getting to know each other
* You will receive a book list to prepare you for class
* Videos to watch to prepare for the first class
* The first chapter of the complete digital manual (the entire manual will be sent shortly before class starts)

During the course:

* There will be five live classes, all on consecutive Saturdays
* When one class ends, you will get access to the next week’s materials
* All of the required materials to prepare for the ensuing classes can be completed weekly at times convenient for you
* Live classes will reinforce information, dive deeper where needed, and provide demos and supervised practice time
* Online classes will be from 9 am-4 pm with an hour lunch break.
* There is an option to attend a one-hour Q&A session after each weekly class to bring specific questions and challenges from the prior week. It will be an open session,
allowing you to benefit from each other’s questions

Enrollment in the course doesn’t guarantee certification. To successfully get your certification, you must:

* Complete all video, audio, and handouts in the student portal
* Attend all live classes
* Receive a grade of at least 75 on all quizzes
* Actively engage in class
* Complete the required practice sessions during the course
* Gain my confidence in your capacity to understand and implement successful sessions

You receive a DUAL certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Consulting Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) as Certified Hypnotists, or Hypnotherapists for those that hold a license (Therapist, doctor, or nurse). The first-year dues for the ICBCH and NGH are included in the course fee.

The curriculum:

About Hypnosis
Comparison of hypnosis to other modalities
Model of the mind
Laws of the mind
Levels of consciousness
Theoretical approaches to hypnosis
Issues addressed with hypnosis
History and notable figures

The Process
Before the interview
Pre-hypnosis interview
Induction methods
Deepening and convincing
Emerging and post-session interview

The Science Side
Development of the brain and its relationship to the hypnotic state
Autonomic Nervous System
Mind/body dynamics
Importance of the breath
Research and ongoing learning

Contextual Psychology
Self Hypnosis Training
Basic NLP techniques
Creating effective suggestions and scripts
Legal and ethical issues
The basics of starting your practice


$2495.00 save $100.00
$350 the 1st month, then $250 for 9 months

September 9, 16, 24, 30, Oct 8    9 am – 4 pm

Class size is limited to 12 students, and students are chosen according to the enrollment order

Prices will be honored until THREE weeks before class begins, then increases by $200. This is not to provide me with more income but to ensure that you get materials in time to be prepared for the first class. This sustains the quality of the course! A waiting list is maintained for the next scheduled class.


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