Existential Awareness™



This class is for those trained in hypnotic regression work. Those not trained at FARE Hypnosis must have a phone interview before admittance, as proper regression training is required. Emotion Resolution Work™ 2.0 is NOT a prerequisite for attending this class.

Pre-Course Requirement:
You must first complete an experiential private session; call Roberta for an appointment before enrolling in the course
Read Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

The Curriculum

The Existential Awareness™ program can be used as a stand-alone offering but perhaps best used as an additional step when a hypnotist has helped the client resolve problematic emotions in the client’s current life through Emotion Resolution Work™ (ERW). In ERW, these emotions are identified, beliefs and perceptions are changed, forgiveness is given, and positive alternatives that enable clients to reach their goals are established. 

This Existential Awareness™ process sets the stage to then take the client to a higher level of consciousness that will provide an existential awareness. The client will gain knowledge about their immortal soul and discover their purpose in their current life. This will provide insights for the client to further examine their current life for more insight and make decisions that align with their inner (soul’s) desire. 

Examining who they are as a soul will provide clients with a spiritual experience to give them a better understanding of their true human selves. It will help them find internal harmony between their soul-mind and their human body-mind by having a more comprehensive awareness of the origins and the history of their immortal soul. It will also enable a client to become more comfortable with the death of their human body. They will learn that the essence of who they are knew that this life was meant to be only temporary. They are simply returning home. When clients see themselves as immortal beings, it is easier to address their inner truths and purpose in their current life, making their perceptions and behaviors easier to change.

Career Investment:
$800.oo experiential session
 (call for appointment before enrolling in the course)
$395.00 course

Schedule TBD