Emotion Resolution Work (ERW)


Emotion Resolution Work™ (ERW)

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The Emotion Resolution Work™ course is for certified hypnotists and hypnotherapists
who want to add a new level of professional hypnotic techniques to their skill set
to help their clients be more successful.

Emotion Resolution Work™ addresses the emotional attachment involved in a wide variety
of issues through the use of techniques that:
– identify the emotion
– examine the belief that underlies that emotion
– explore forgiveness and the ability to let go of that emotion, and
– provide positive, productive alternatives

The Curriculum

  • Exploration of causes, beliefs, and emotions
  • Review of depth levels and techniques to use in testing and deepening
  • The who, what, and when of regression
  • Hypnotic regression techniques
  • Resolution processes
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Parts negotiation
  • Secondary gain
  • Ethics and leading issues

Course Dates

Don’t wait to sign up for this course as you will need time to read and watch videos before the first class!
August 5 and 6th, 8am – 4pm Pacfic time, and August 12 – 8am – 1pm Pacific time


$1,195.00 save $200.00
$339 the 1st month, then $239 for 4 months


Class size is limited to 12 students, and students are chosen according to the enrollment order

Prices will be honored until THREE weeks before class begins, then increases by $200. This is not to provide me with more income but to ensure that you get materials in time to be prepared for the first class. This sustains the quality of the course! A waiting list is maintained for the next scheduled class.